The creative idea is the starting point that drives all the actions we undertake to support a Brand, an Institution or Products so that they meet their audience and consumers. If there is no idea at the beginning of this process, then we have failed. B2B, B2C, Internal Communication. Our range of action is vast, precise, kind of like the modern-day world.



To meet the challenge of reactivity and propose realistic budgetary solutions, we have developed our own in-house company: the STUDIO. It is cost-effective solution that integrates the entire production chain from A to Z. Now a days, it is necessary to be able to quickly produce relevant content and to know ow to constantly renew oneself in order to integrate all the formats offered by digitalization. From casting actors to rights management, from drones to cyclo walls, our team shoots rain or shine.


In the age of hyper-connectivity, digital and media go hand in hand. Our PERFORMANCE department allows our customers to grow efficiently. Strategy and media buying, definition of KPIs, set up, online launch and optimization to maximize the effectiveness of online and offline advertising campaigns.



  • Creative Director and Founder
    Olivier Girard
  • Director of Client Services
    Florentine Baron-Pailhes
  • Client Director
    Delphine Saulnier
  • Finance Director
    Jean-Pierre Maler
  • Digital Planning Director
    Gérald Le Meur
  • Digital Manager
    Mara Willa
  • Account Manager
    Julia Subert
  • Graphic Designer
    Nolwenn Tual
  • Graphic Designer
    Hélène Ferté
  • Senior Art Director
    Berengère Hours
  • Digital Art Director
    Vincent Schäublin
  • Account Trainee
    Jordi Bosque
  • Art Trainee
    Anthony Ebener

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