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Comment sensibiliser des Genevois en bonne santé à la prévention de la santé ?

  • Etat de Genève
  • Santé publique
  • Février 2018
  • affichage, écrans digitaux, médias sociaux, community management, online banners, site Internet

Our response:

– Do not talk about health, which creates a psychological barrier, but speak of living better.

– With a positive and sympathetic tone.

– Send messages in relation with their context of lecture: in the bus, in the street, in the supermarket, on Sundays, to parents, to teenagers on their phones.

– With an illustrative treatment that allows everyone to project themselves: small, large, tall, purple, red or pink.

22 subjects on posters, social media, and banners with a website at the heart of the system on which everyone can evaluate where they need to make an effort, and most of all find many ideas and information to live better.